List Of Cosmetic Manufacturing Products

Viet Huong cosmetics manufacturer continuously researches and improves new formulas with a variety of cosmetic lines. So far we have over 300 stable cosmetics formulas for customers to choose.

About Us

With the motto of putting prestige first, since establishment, Viet Huong has determined that product quality is the key factor that makes the sustainability of the business.


With that motto, the company’s leadership always focuses on investing in human factors as well as facilities along with a strict quality management system to constantly improve product quality. Our factory is CGMP standard and ISO 22716 certified.

Viet Huong has attracted and built a team of high quality personnel including doctors, masters, engineers specialized in chemistry, pharmaceutical who have been methodically trained, specialized in cosmetic research.

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Over 10 years experience

Viet Huong cosmetics is the best private label manufacturer for wholesale suppliers or vendors with more than 10 years experience

The best support policy

Viet Huong cosmetics provides the best support policy about fomula, legal documents and marketing plan.

Guarantee about information security

We guarantee that your information will be secured with a stringent data administration system.

More than 300 exclusive formulas

We have created more than 300 exclusive formulas to ensure that your product is unique.

Clean Cosmetics

Clean Cosmetics Manufacturing Made From Natural Origin

Thanks to the advantage of rich natural resources, our products always have an advantage over many other cosmetics manufacturers in the market. If you are looking for a reputed cosmetics manufacturer or want to develop a different private label cosmetic products in the market, please contact us immediately.

  • Stable formulas
  • High quality ingredients
  • Custom Formulas


Viet Huong provides comprehensive solutions for customers to reduce costs, time and effort to build their own cosmetics brand. We have experienced experts, modern factories and high quality imported raw materials to provide the best service to customers.

cosmetic oem manufacturer

OEM Cosmetics Manufacture

Diverse OEM processing services, small MOQ, excellent quality.

Private Label Cosmetics

Establish your own cosmetic brand with modest capital, excellent comprehensive support service!


Design & Packaging

We provide custom design services with a variety of category and style.