Are you looking for custom perfume makers to make private label perfume samples for your brand? If you feel time-consuming in the boring consultation, try a bunch of available scents hoping to find the right scent, come to Viet Huong. We will provide a complete solution for you to own a private perfume brand with a unique custom perfume.

For private label perfume production services in Viet Huong, we listen to your needs, preferences and learn about your brand. We will recommend a few custom perfume samples and some premade samples, you can also choose from many different samples from the list.

Our Service

How does private label perfume production work?

We offer many other services to better meet your needs.

Create a special fragrance for the brand

We are passionate about scents and have our own team for creating, understanding the market and capturing the worldwide scent trends. Just chat with us, give requirements and we will solve it for you with our experience. You'll get more than 1 custom recipe and tweak it until you're satisfied.

Private Label Perfume

If waiting for custom perfume samples takes a long time, you can choose this service. Just choose the sample you like, submit your label and the item will be shipped in the shortest time.

Creative and distinctive packaging design

In the beauty industry, it is certain that the appearance of a product is really important to attract customers. Understanding that, we have a design team with many years of experience, quickly grasping your brand's style and making it attractive at first sight. In addition, we have many sources of unique bottle designs from popular to high-end with the best prices.


Besides producing private label perfume products, with a strong team, we also produce various lines of skin care cosmetics. Therefore, if you intend to develop a multiple product brand, choosing to manufacture in our factory will save you a lot of time and money in expanding your product portfolio in the future.

Why should Viet Huong be the best option for Personal Label Perfume manufacturing?

Not only concentrate on capability but we also offer the best services for your brand name.

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