We are specialize manufacturer in Private Label Makeup and processing a variety of private makeup lines. If you are wholesale makeup lines and you’re looking for a private label cosmetics manufacturer that has the affordable price and can easily expand the product portfolio in the future, Viet Huong is the first choice for you.

Private Label Makeup

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What activities does Viet Huong provide for Private Label Makeup manufacturing services?

If your demand hasn’t been defined, contact us for advice immediately. Below are some popular services that you will get when starting your own private makeup brand in Viet Huong.


Not only private label makeup, but we also produce various lines of skin care cosmetics according to your requirements. Good selling at a product line and easily expanding into a variety of products will save you a lot of time, effort and money.

Private Label Makeup

Submit your label and choose recipes from our list, your own private makeup brand will be ready to ship in no time. In addition, we also have the additional service of customizing the formula to make different and variety for your brand.

Custom Formula

After receiving our consultation and satisfied with our sample makeup products. We will discuss development direction, trends and product details. From there we will develop a recipe for your own makeup brand. 


We always encourage our customers to find packaging that is unique to their brand. However, if you need to save time and effort, you can choose from our extensive model list.

Why should Viet Huong be the best choice for Private Label Makeup manufacturing?

We not only focus on competence but also aim to provide the best solutions for your brand.

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