When choosing to manufacture private label skin care in Viet Huong, you will be consulted wholeheartedly on how to develop a successful natural cosmetic brand in the market. Owning products with exclusive custom formulas, optimizing prices will bring huge profits to customers.

Private Label Skin Care

Our Service

Viet Huong Cosmetics produces private skin care products exclusively formulated with full services to meet all your needs.

Private label skin care

We provide private label skin care services in OEM, ODM and custom formulation. With the above production methods, we have helped hundreds of brands from many different customer segments succeed in the market.

Wholesale Skin Care Products

In addition to tailor-made solutions, if you find it appropriate, you can choose to wholesale skin care products from our brand at extremely competitive prices.

Packaging Design

Beautiful packaging makes customers impressed at first sight and easily makes purchasing decisions. In addition to being the connector of many bottle suppliers, diverse designs for all customer segments, Viet Huong also supports design from logo, label, packaging to suit your brand.

Why should you manufacture skin care products in Viet Huong?

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