Viet Huong Cosmetics is the leading private label cosmetics manufacturer providing production services in Vietnam, with more than 10 years of experience and owns over 300 exclusive natural cosmetic formulas and a modern factory and machinery system that meets CGMP – ISO 22716. 

In addition, our company, with a highly qualified and dynamic R&D team, always researches, improves and develops new product lines based on high quality raw materials worldwide and materials which are only available in Vietnam. Thereby creating competitive advantages thanks to the ability to innovate and respond to the rapid changes of the cosmetics market.

Private Label Cosmetics Production Lines At Viet Huong

We provide private labeling cosmetics production services, dedicated support and full services even if you are a beginner in the cosmetic business as well. It will be easy to launch your business.

What are private label cosmetics?

Private label cosmetics are products that are named by your own brand and are manufactured by a cosmetics manufacturer such as Viet Huong. You can choose to produce according to an existing proprietary formula or our R&D team will follow your ideas and develop a new formula for you. Viet Huong Cosmetics Manufacturer also provides full service support from packaging design, logo, private label design according to your demands. In addition, we are also flexible in our services such as: unlabelled products, hot stamped products… to bring you the best service experience.

Why should you choose to produce private label cosmetics?

Without depending on agents and other distributors, developing private label cosmetics with your own brand will give a chance to break through in the industry.

Competitive advantages

Your product will have a highly competitive market position by your own unique and differentiated formula. Therefore, your profits are increased not only from the retail market, but also from many different channels and selling on many different platforms makes your brands and products accessible to many customers in the fastest way.

More Loyalty Customer

To attract customers, a different product is not enough, it also shows that you understand and meet their demands. At the same time, our R&D team is also constantly improving the formula, listening to your opinions to quickly introduce the latest cosmetics product lines on the market, so that your customers will appreciate and become loyal customers.

Higher profit margin

Working with Viet Huong cosmetics factory means that you don’t have to go through any intermediate manufacturer, so the price will always be the best, you have complete control of your product price according to your choice. In addition, Viet Huong also provides a variety of support services, thereby helping you to save maximum time, so you do not have to spend any money on unexpected incidents. 

No need to pick up the goods – No quantity forced by the dealer

With some branded cosmetics products, you have to enter a large quantity to get the best discount price, even have to pick up products that you don’t like just to meet the dealer’s request. From now, you will be fully active in your source of cosmetics products.

Private label cosmetics manufacturing process

  1. Product and service consultation
  2. Provide samples and quality assessment
  3. Product development
  4. Create logo and product label
  5. Contract and manufacture
  6. Provide necessary documentation
  7. Details production process

Why should you choose Viet Huong as a manufacturer of private brand cosmetics?

Viet Huong Cosmetics operates under 3 main criteria: professionalism – responsibility and creativity. Above all, we have over 10 years of experience, own more than 300 exclusive cosmetic formulas, not stopping there, below are the benefits that you will get when cooperating with us.

Natural cosmetics products with diverse and unique sources of raw materials

In addition to the sources of natural ingredients imported around the world. In Vietnam, we have the advantage of geography and climate, so we have extremely diverse plant and medicinal resources. Our formulas are all based on natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Low Minimum Order Quantity Requirements

Most of today’s units to produce private label cosmetics usually require you to order a very large minimum number of products from 5000 to over 10000 products. Some units allow extremely low quantities, but with that comes many extremely unusual requests or providing products that are not exactly as described. At Viet Huong, we are clear in information and require a low minimum product quantity, making it easy for you to start your business without worrying too much about costs.

Diversified support services

Viet Huong is not only successful because of our professionalism, responsibility and expertise, but also because of our enthusiasm in our extremely diverse customer support services.
  • Support to select, design, edit product packaging
  • Support to design impressive logos, suitable for brands and positioning
  • Support to process cosmetic bottles and box
  • Support to consult trend products, seasonal products
  • Support in-depth cosmetic knowledge training
  • Support to film, take photos during the production and packaging process to make marketing materials.
Are you ready for a unique cosmetic brand and knock out every competitor in the market? Contact Viet Huong immediately to receive dedicated advice from our experts.

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